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Conform Norm : EN 590


This additive is not petrol-based and is for 95% biodegradable, which makes it a unique and effective product on the market.

  • Eliminates water and moisture in fuel and fuel tanks.
  • Has a strong biocide/fungicide action to kill present bacteria’s and algae’s. Also prevents the development of algae’s- and bacteria’s.
  • Strong antioxidant action.
  • Preserve the fuel quality during storage, this way fuel quality can be guaranteed up to 24 months.
  • Contains special lubricants to provide supplementary lubrication to the upper engines parts ; valves, injection-pump and injectors.
  • Cleans the injection system (injectors and valves), EGR valve, particle filter and exhaust system. Cleans quickly and maintains clean.
  • Improves combustion and atomization of the fuel.
  • Improves cetane levels, improves performance and reduces consumption.
  • Additionally lowers the pour point of fuel with up-to 7 °C.

Richiedi preventivo


An additive for total treatment of Diesel and Gasoil – fuel.

Can be used for :

  • All types of diesel engines (Civil engineering, car, truck,...)
  • With or without particulate filter, turbo or catalyst
  • Heating boilers. 
  • Marine diesel engines.
Dose : 50ML for 50L of fuel.
Add SF 5100 in the tank before refilling with fuel to ensure proper mixing with the fuel.


  Unit Average Value
Densità a 15 °C kg/l 0.90 - 0.915
Viscosità a 40 °C 2.4 - 2.6
Punto di infiammabilità COC °C 65
Punto di scorrimento °C -30



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