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Years of experience since 1988 provide our customers with the highest level of service in the lubricants market with Quality, Flexibility, Service and Reliability as our central values. The key success factor of NV Vroman and Ardeca Lubricants, the Belgian home brand of quality lubricants, is its flexibility to adapt to the client needs. By carrying out this strategy successfully the company managed to increase its production volume significantly over the last years and became an important player in the worldwide market with local distributors in more than 75 countries. 

Why choose for Ardeca Lubricants?

  • Flexible and wide product assortment
  • High quality lubricants
  • Extended service and support
  • Technical know-how and reliability
  • Strong worldwide market position
  • Dynamic family business always ready for new opportunities
  • Wide client range: garages, auto parts dealers, transport companies, constructors, agriculture and worldwide partners.

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Vroman NV as a private label specialist

Our company is experienced in filling private label motor oil brands which are offered all over the world. Our private labels are sold for each type of customer: local garage chain, auto parts dealers, transport companies, constructors, agriculture and retail distributors. Basically all types of lubricants for a wide range of applications are available for setting up private label. Our more than 25 year experience of filling motor oils for different brands guarantees our flexible position in the world of lubricants. The customer is able to select an own product range with high quality oils inside the product in different packaging sizes. In order to meet the requirements of car manufacturers, each product is carefully analyzed and developed in laboratories with the biggest care.


Our constant customer focus has led us to optimized the packaging to make handling for the end-user as easy and safe as possible. Different types of packaging are available for quantities 1L can, 2L can, 4L can, 5L can, 20L can, 25L can, 60L drum, 210L drum and IBC container. The different can types and caps are always available on stock. The type of packaging is key for the look of your own brand and the distinction on the market.

Look and feel

Together with our graphic department, a customized design could be made in order to fulfill the client’s wants and needs. Different cans, caps, barrels in different colors are available. The development of private label is a cooperation between Vroman NV and the customer.


Next to our technical knowhow, we support our private label customers by updating them about new products. If there are any extra services required next to the graphic assistance, we are always ready to support the customer depending on the requests.

New in the Ardeca Lubricants assortment

Discover our brand new products: SYNTH-BM 0W30, SYNTH-PRO 0W20, ARDECA CAR CARE PRODUCTS

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Watch our company video

Watch and learn: our company video gives an indication of how Vroman NV looks like behind the scenes of our production facility. The filling stations are fully automatic and equipped with high-tech robots. Our products are of top quality and we are proud to stand out for our brand Ardeca Lubricants, Made in Belgium.