About Ardeca Lubricants
Family business with a direct approach

Ardeca Lubricants, your first choice for a well-oiled future

Family business with a direct approach

Ardeca Lubricants, the own brand of the family-owned and operated company Ardeca NV, has been a leading distributor of lubricants in and outside of Belgium ever since 1988. The increasing demand for high-quality, 100% Belgian-made lubricants for the manufacturing, automotive and agricultural industries led to the establishment of Ardeca Lubricants.

Reliable dealers are happy to offer car dealers, mechanics and garage owners, technicians, DIY shops and hobbyists Ardeca Lubricants. Our vast product range contains numerous types of motor oil and greases. And don’t forget our unique specialities! We can also provide products for distribution under a private label.

Ardeca Lubricants responds to the demand for high-performance products of an outstanding standard of quality for a diversity of sectors. The company owes its rugged image to its founders, Arsène, Denise and Catherine, just as its name: Ardeca. Thanks to its nature as a family business, it is only logical that the company delivers custom work, flexibility, and technical as well as logistics support.

Our mission and values

Quality – Flexibility – Service – Reliability

As a producer and distributor of lubricants, we are committed to upholding these four values, which we apply to every product and customer relationship. They enable us to respond flexibly to the demands of our international as well as local customers. Because we have held on to this mindset for years, we have gradually been able to increase our production and become a global player.

Our ambition is great: we aim to ensure that garage and car workshop owners, transport companies, construction companies, car part distributors and manufacturing enterprises all over the world are able to work in a well-oiled manner, without any concessions to service. We like to think along with our customers, so that we can support them in their challenges with tailor-made logistics or technical solutions.

Our mission and values

Why choosing for Ardeca Lubricants?

  • High-end lubricants and specialties
  • Flexible and wide product range
  • Extended service and support
  • Technical know-how and reliability
  • Strong global market position
  • Dynamic family business, always ready for new opportunities
  • Wide client range: garages, auto parts dealers, manufacturing businesses, transport companies, constructors, agriculture and worldwide importers

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