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- NSF H1


MULTI SUPER NSF 5.1 is a high quality, dual action penetrating and lubricating oil with PTFE, to solve general light mechanics and kitchen lubrication requirements.

Suitable for use in applications where incidental contact with food is possible or likely.

Richiedi preventivo


This product is an effective tool for kitchen equipment, bicycles, home application, hobby material and tools. Penetrating and lubricant oil in one; cleans and lubricates also difficult points. Multi purpose product loosens rusty bolts, nuts, screws, locks and hinges.

Shake can well before use. Substrate should be clean and dry. Keep spray distance at 20-30cm and spray area to be treated. Do not apply product to equipment while food is being processed or transported.


  Unit Average Value
Densità a 20 °C kg/l 0.832
Base Pharmaceutical white oil, PTFE and additives



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