BIO-TEC 1200 READY-TO-USE is a protective agent for asphalt and tar based on high-quality mineral oils. Creates a well-adhesive protective film and should be used as precautionary. Protects against the adhesion of asphalt and tar residues and will simplify cleaning. Has anti-rust properties which will extend the life of the installation.

Richiedi preventivo


Asphalt plants, Asphalt transport vehicles, Asphalt production machines, Road construction machines, ...
The product can be applied by brush, roller or spray unit. Always ensure adequate ventilation.
Contains no harmful acids and does not attack paint or rubber. A test is recommended before using the product.

Spray heavily contaminated areas with undiluted BIO-TEC 1200 READY-TO-USE, soak it for a while and then remove with pressure
washer or cloth. Depending on the degree of contamination it may be required to repeat this procedure several time.
Spray equipment or machinery that are in constant contact with asphalt, for example finishers, batching plants,..



  Unit Average Value
Densità a 20 °C kg/l 0,800 - 0,830
Punto di ebollizione (riflusso) °C >250
Punto di infiammabilità COC °C >130
Punto di scorrimento °C -15
Pressione di vapore a 20 °C kPa <0,01
Biodegradabilità OECD 306 74% - 28dagen
Viscosità cinematica a 40°C cSt 4


20L 60L 210L IBC

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