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Strong adhesive lubricant. Lubrication of moving machine parts, worm screws, chains, cables etc. Gives a lubricating film resistant to strong centrifugal forces on high speed mechanisms. Developed to be used on fast rotating chains, moving parts subjected to high pressures, impacts and vibrations.

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  • Use on room temperature
  • Shake before use
  • Before lubrication clean the chains and moving parts with a standard degreaser
  • Dry with a cloth
  • Spray from a short distance the chain,chain links, parts to lube
  • Allow the product to flow between the chain links, parts
  • Wait a few minutes to let the solvents evaporate
  • Remove excess of lubrication.


  Unit Average Value
Color Yellow-gel like liquid
Four Ball Weld Test 2300N
Operational temperature range -35°C - 200°C



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