DXF 500

DXF 500 is a cleaning diesel additive that lubricates and cleans the entire fuel system, from the tank to the injectors. Fuel consumption is also optimized and this product ensures cleaner exhaust gases.

  • Cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system;
  • Reduces blow-by and motoroil contamination;
  • Optimizes fuel consumption;
  • Reduces contamination of the EGR-system;
  • Reduces the emissions of soot;
  • Ensures cleaner exhaust gases;
  • Improves the combustion and performance of the engine;
  • Neutralises harmful components within the fuel tank

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DXF 500 is compatible with all diesel fuels. It is recommended to use this product with every maintenance or at least once a year, so that the engine continues to perform optimally.

Add a dose of 500 ml to the diesel fuel.  Pour the contents of one bottle in the fuel tank before filling it with diesel fuel.
Also allow this product to be sucked in through the inlet section. Do this with the engine idling at an increased speed of approximately 3500 min-1.
After this treatment, it is recommended to go for a drive. Drive for about 15 minutes at an increased speed of about 3500min-1.

One bottle of 500ml is suitable the treatment of approx. 100 litre diesel fuel.



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