Performance level

  • ASTM D3306
  • JIS K2234:2018
  • FVV R 530:2005
  • BS 6580:2010
  • GB 29743.1 (PC) 2014, 2022
  • AFNOR NF-R-15-601
  • BMW LC 87, LC 97, LC 18
  • Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia 9.55523
  • Chrysler MS 7170
  • Opel / Vauxhall GME L1301
  • VW G12 EVO (TL 774-L)
  • MAN 324NF, MAN 324 Si-OAT
  • MWM 0199-99-2091/12
  • Iveco standard 18-1830
  • Cummins 85T8-2
  • DTFR 29C120 (former MB325.5)
  • Deutz DQC CA-14
  • Ford ESD-M97B49-A
  • Volvo Cars 128 6083 / 002 & TR-31854114-002
  • JI Case JIC-501
  • MTU / Roll Royce MTL 5048
  • Toyota 1WW/2WW Engines


Ardeca Alu-Freeze G40 is an engine coolant concentrate (antifreeze) based on monoethylene glycol. This product employs the latest antifreeze technology which combines the benefits of both organic technology & traditional mineral (silicate) technology. 

  • Increased life time, allowing less frequent maintenance, thanks to the corrosion inhibitors which have a very low depletion rate.
  • Thermal characteristics that permit effective engine cooling without boiling.
  • Elimination of abrasives solids, which gives a better protection of the joints of the water pump.
  • Superior short & long-term corrosion protection through combined use of organic acid and highly stabilized silicate additives, especially for aluminium engines.
  • Environmentally friendly as free from borates, phosphates, nitrites & amines.
  • Protection against frost, depending on the concentration chosen.
  • Excellent antifoaming characteristics.
  • Meets most European and International Standards.
  • Backwards compatible with G11, G12+, G12++, G13

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Ardeca Alu-Freeze G40 is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines and has been introduced to meet the demands of OEMs who favour this combination of organic & silicate technology.

Volume Alu-Freeze G40 (vol%)    H2O (vol%)   Freeze Protection °C
    33             67          -20
    50             50          -40
    67             33          -70


  Unit Average Value
Density at 20°C kg/l 1,119
Boiling point (reflux) °C 163
Pour point °C -69
pH -50% in ethanol solution 8,5
Color LILA
Breaking index at 20°C 1,432
Reserve Alkalinity (ml 0.1 N HCL) 9,1


12x1L 4x4L 3x5L 20L 60L 210L IBC

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