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EXF 010

This product is a cleaning oil additive that is used to clean the engine from the inside. It cleans and lubricates the engine internally and removes black and white sludge and thickened oil from the engine crankcase. This product is added to the old engine oil before it is drained.

Cleans the lubrication system, including cylinder walls, hydraulic valve tappets, camshaft and light height adjustments and piston ring grooves. This product also solves various paint deposits in various places in the engine. By cleaning there is a decrease of blow-by gases. As a result, there is less pollution of the crankcase ventilation system and less load on the catalytic converter and the soot filter.

Reduces oil consumption, optimizes fuel consumption and engine power and stabilizes compression final pressures and cylinder contamination.

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This product is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. It can also be used for cleaning gearboxes and power steering and can be used to clean vending machines in combination with a flushing device.

During servicing: Add 300 ml of per 4 liters of engine capacity (old engine oil). Let the engine run for 60 minutes at a speed of 1,500 RPM. Increase speed up to 3,500 RPM occasionally. Drain the old engine oil and replace the oil filter. Add new engine oil.

One bottle of 300ml is suitable the treatment of approx. 4 liters of engine oil.



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