Encuentre el mejor aceite para su vehículo

Aprobado oficialmente

  • VW: 508.00 / 509.00

Nivel de rendimiento


  • ACEA C5
  • API SN, SN+
  • FIAT: 9.55535-DM1
  • FORD: WSS-M2C956-A1
  • VW 508.00/509.00
  • PORSCHE: C20

    SYNTH-PRO 0W20

    A fuel economy, fully synthetic motor oil, developed according the most recent technology, based on specially selected fully synthetic base oils and a well balanced choice of advanced additives to obtain the following properties:
    - lower fuel consumption
    - reduced formation of combustion residues (mid SAPS)
    - a very fast cold start
    - a safe lubrication film at high temperatures
    - extended oil drain intervals
    - a very good detergency and dispersion
    - a very strong protection against wear, corrosion and foaming
    - green color

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    This fuel economy, specially composed motor oil, is recommended for use in petrol and diesel engines, with or without turbo-charging, in passenger cars and delivery vans with extended oil drain intervals. This motor oil also contributes to the extension of the lifetime of particle filters. This oil can only be used in engines which prescribe an oil with the specification VW 508.00/509.00


      Unit Average Value
    Densidad a 15 °C kg/l 0.832
    Viscosidad a 40 °C mm²/s 39.30
    Viscosidad a 100 °C mm²/s 7.93
    Viscosidad a -35 °C mPas 3330
    Índice de viscosidad 179
    Punto de inflamación mediante la copa abierta de Cleveland (COC, por sus siglas en inglés) °C 220
    Punto de fluidez °C -57
    Total Base Number mgKOH/g 8.3
    Contenido de ceniza sulfatada % 0.78


    12x1L 3x5L 20L 60L 210L IBC

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