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- Mil-L-2104C
- DEF STAN 91-22/2


This marine oil for diesel engines for marine applications, is based on top-grade solvent-refined base oils and multifunctional additives to obtain the following properties:
- a strong resistance against oxidation
- a good and stable viscosity index
- a high detergency and dispersion power
- a good alkalinity, to neutralise the acid compounds which are produced during the combustion of a distillate diesel fuel
- effective in preventing from wear, corrosion and foam
- a low pourpoint
- good waterseparation power

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This marine oil is suitable as lubricating oil of high- and medium speed marine diesel engines with or without turbo-charging and the use of distillate diesel fuel where the sulphur content is less then 1.8%. Due to its load-carrying properties this oil can also be used in shipboard gearboxes.


  Unit Average Value
Densidad a 15 °C kg/l 0.898
Viscosidad a 40 °C mm²/s 151.9
Viscosidad a 100 °C mm²/s 14.4
Índice de viscosidad 92
Punto de inflamación mediante la copa abierta de Cleveland (COC, por sus siglas en inglés) °C 252
Punto de fluidez °C -21
Total Base Number mgKOH/g 16.3
Contenido de ceniza sulfatada % 2.21


210L IBC

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