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Copper assembling paste with extra-ordinary lubricating properties.

The product prevents fretting during assembling and provides for a loose screw-connection, also after a long-term influence of heat and atmospheric effect. Moreover the product contains water repellent components and protects against corrosion.
The adhesion is excellent. In the formulation are no metals like aluminium, nickel, molybdenum, lead, zinc, chromium etc.

  • Contains, besides copper, no metals;
  • Contains water-displacing and anti-corrosive properties;
  • Has excellent adhesion;
  • Lubricates extremely well and for a long time.

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Applicable as assembling and anti-seize paste for Workshops, road-building, Marine, Tram, Railway, Metro, Offshore, Agriculture, Steel Factories, Chemical Installations, etc
Suitable for, for example, threaded connections, rolling and plain bearings, chains, fitting edges, splines, brake parts and compressed air tools.

  • Apply in a thin layer on a clean and dry surface. 
  • Do not mix with normal greases
  • This airopack includes a unique cap including this handy brush, ideal for each work place


  Unit Average Value
Densidad a 20 °C kg/l 1,1
Color Copper
Clasificación NLGI (Instituto Nacional de Grasas Lubricantes) NLGI 2
Rango de temperatura operativa -20°C - +150°C; copper components up to +1700°C



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