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Removes grease and cleans thoroughly. Leaves no traces. Protects against the frost. Removes ice and frost.Doesn’t damage the car paint nor the rubber.
REMARK : The concentrated product (-70°C) is flammable.
The necessary precautions need to be taken for a safe use and stocking of the product.

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Ardeca Glassclean Xtra -70°C is a dilutable product.
Add demineralised water to obtain the desired frost protection.
Not suitable for use as any other fluid in the vehicle, e.g. coolant, engine oil, etc.

Concentrated product: flammable
Take the necessary precautions for safe use and storage of the product.

Glassclean Xtra -70°C    H2O   Frost Protection
   100 %            ----            -70 °C
   70 %           30 %         -40 °C
   66 %           34 %       -35 °C
   55 %           45 %      -22 °C
   50 %           50 %      -20 °C
   23 %           77 %      -12 °C


  Unit Average Value
Density at 20°C kg/l 0,877
Boiling point (reflux) °C 78 - 192
Flash point COC °C 18


4x5L 25L 60L 210L

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