• DIN 51825: KP2, P-30


     is a premium quality multi-purpose highly adhesive grease based on lithium-calcium soap. It is shows the following features: anti-rust, anti-wear and extreme pressure. It is used extensively for applications throughout industry.

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    is recommended for the lubrication of both plain and rolling bearings operating at
    low speeds and high loads and special bearings and lubrication points subject
    to shock loads

    • Has a great adherent power thanks to a base oil with high viscosity and strong
    adhesive additive
    • Provides good wear-resistant properties, even at high loads
    • Provides good protection against corrosion
    • Has high resistance to washing action of water


      Unit Average Value
    Viskosität -40 °C mm²/s 220
    Fließpunkt °C 185
    Farbe Red
    NLGI-Klassifizierung 2
    Verdicker Lithium-Calcium Soap
    Walkpenetration 265-295
    Vier-Kugel-Schweißtest kgs >280
    Betriebstemperaturbereich -30°C - +150°C
    Korrosion auf Kupfer 1b
    Wasserstabilität <60
    Ölabscheidung % max 5
    Vier-Kugel-Verschleißtest <0.6
    Wasserauswaschung ohne % Verlust 10 max
    Rostschutz pass
    Rollstabilität, mm-1 +25 to +60


    24x400g 4x5kg 18kg 50kg 180kg

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