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The product is used for deep cleaning of all kinds of fabric. It penetrates deep into the structure of fabric and actively cleans it. Easily removes spilled drinks and food stains. It helps to restore the original appearance and color of the product. It has a pleasant smell. Does not leave streaks.

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The product is used for deep cleaning of all kinds of fabric. Store in tightly closed container. Store in a dry, cool and conditions well- ventilated place. Keep away from food and drink. Keep at temperature between +5°c and +35°C store in the original packaging. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. After using this product thoroughly wash your hand with soap and water. Carefully close the open container. When using the product do not eat ,drink or smoke. Consider general occupational hygiene.


  Unit Average Value
Densidad a 20 °C kg/l 0.90-1.01
Punto de inflamación mediante la copa abierta de Cleveland (COC, por sus siglas en inglés) °C >100
pH -50 % en solución de etanol 12.3
Color Transparent



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