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Strong adhesive lubricant. Gives a lubricating film resistant to strong centrifugal forces on high speed mechanisms. Developed to be used on fast rotating chains.


Transparent colorless lubricant based on synthetic hydrocarbon polymers. Extremely good adhesion towards metals, will not hurl of the chain. Excellent penetration power. Inhibits rust and corrosion, Reduces wear and friction, non drying lubricant film, hydrophobic, resistant to water, suitable for o-rin chains.


  • Use on room temperature,
  • Shake before use,
  • Before lubrication clean the chain with a chain cleaner,
  • Dry with a cloth,
  • Spray from a short distance a thin layer chain-lube on the chain links,
  • Allow the product to flow between the chain links (rotate chain slowly),
  • Let the solvents evaporate,
  • Remove excess of lubrication.


  unit average value
Color colorless
Base Synthetic hydrocarbon polymers and additives