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Ad Blue converts harmfull Nox in the exhaust gases of your diesel vehicle into harmeless nitrogen and water vaport. Hereby, the emissions of nitrogen oxides (Nox) significantly recude (up to 85%), which are a major source of air pollution and cause smog. Ad Blue is a registered trademark of the VDA (German Federation of Automotive Industry). AdBlue® is a high purity, 32.5% urea solution in demineralized water, directly injected into the exhaust gas where it serves as reducing agent


If you own a company car equipped with SCR technology for Euro IV, V or Euro VI emissions standards, you need AdBlue. This applies to the following vehicles:

  • Company cars with SCR technology, such as trucks
  • Light commercial vehicles with SCR technology, such as vans
  • Vehicles for personal transport such as passenger cars and busses
  • Reduction of nitric oxide emissions in cars with diesel engines

Ad Blue is stored in a separate tank in your vehicle


  unit average value
Density at 20 °C kg/l 1.0870-1.0930
Refractive index at 20°C 1.3814-1.3843
urea content % 31.8-33.2