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22 June 2020

There are two new products arriving within the product range:

Synth-RN 0W20 including the latest specification for Renault: RN17 FE.
Synth-SP 0W30 including the latest API norm API SP for 0W30 viscosity


Since 1st of May, our Synth-Eco range got a complete specification level upgrade.

The brand-new specification level of API SP Resource Conserving and Ilsac GF-6A is now applicable.

Ilsac GF-6A replaces ILSA GF-5, presenting a new performance level of engine oil for spark-ignited internal combustion engines and attributes towards better durability to mitigate LSPI and good fuel economy.

Also Synth Eco 0W16 got a recent update towards API SP Resource Conserving and ILSAC GF-6B: Ilsac GF-6B is not backwards compatible with older engines and is applicable only within 0W16 viscosity grade.

These specifications are now applicable on following items:



Please find below other updated technical datasheets:

Matic Pro-DSG: including the pecification level Bugatti Veyron
Pro-tec Ultra 15W40 & 10W40:
specification upgrade towards API-CK-4/SN