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BIO-TEC 1200

Bio-Tec 1200 is an emulsifiable cleaner and degreaser, specifically developed to replace hydrocarbon solvents or any other petroleum solvents. It meets the expectation of production and maintenance managers, in terms of performance, health, environment and safety.  

  • Bitumen remover
  • Cleaning and anti-sticking agent for bitumen
  • 100% biodegradable product
  • Free from VOC
  • Odorless
  • Harmless for the end-user


Removing of bitumen

Bio-Tec 1200 eliminates all bitumen. It is used in maintenance workshops on vehicles employed for asphalting roads and most of the time it is used pure. For the cleaning of finishers on construction sites, use 15 to 50% of Bio-Tec 1200 diluted in water depending on wether high-pressure water equipment for rinsing is available or not.

Bio-Tec 1200 used at 20% diluted in water is odorless and particularly economic when it is substituted to gasoil for the cleaning of tools and clothes during manual works.

Bio-Tec 1200 is an excellent anti-sticking agent for bitumen when used at 20% diluted in water and applied to the inside of the buckets before loading.

Exploitation of crude oil

Bio-Tec 1200, used with 3% of product diluted in water and with high-pressure equipment, allows the cleaning of all areas polluted by Africa or North Sea type of crude oil. For elimination of Venezuela crude, increase concentration of Bio-Tec 1200 to 5% of product in water.

Storage and transport of hydrocarbons

Bio-Tec 1200 allows to make soluble instantly and to create micro dispersions for the removal of gasolines, gazoles, kerosines, domestic fuel or mazout. It is then used at 3 to 5% diluted in water depending on whether high-pressure water equipment for rinsing is available or not.

Cleaning of automotive, heavy trucks, public works and navy engines

Bio-Tec 1200 allows the fast elimination of all hydrocarbon pollutions on areas having been subjected to temperature. Then it is used by spraying, diluted at 5 to 8% in water, and eliminated with high-pressure equipment.

Cleaning of tanks and constructions before painting

Used at 3% diluted in water, Bio-Tec 1200 allows elimination of all organic or inorganic pollutions before renovation.


Bio-Tec 1200 can be used pure then rinsed with high-pressure water equipment. It can also be diluted in water, from 3 to 50% of product depending on the kind of pollution to be eliminated. Store under cover in a cool place before use. Make tests beforehand in case of contact with slightly cross-linked paintings.